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Steamboat Willy’s Guide to Fourth of July in Disneyworld

As a fellow foodie and traveler extraordinaire, the blogs mascot Steamboat Willy and I decided to show you how to spend your fourth of July in Disney World. First things first . . . I’m the realest  . . . Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry  . . . DARN YOU IGGY AZALEA. The two best places to watch fireworks for the fourth are Magic Kingdom and Epcot. But because I love food so much . . . so very, very much, we decided it would be more fun to eat around the world then afterwards spend the rest of the night watching fireworks in the park. And that is exactly what we did. When you travel the world you get a greater sense of how amazing your own country is, so what better way to appreciate the fourth than by going to Epcot? Just so you don’t get lost here is a map of Epcot. The type of course I took while in Epcot was the Foodie Trek, but maybe you don’t want to …

The Worldly Wiley Mascot: Steamboat Willy

Actually since he’s mine I call him Wilber Thermopolis the Third, but whose gonna pay attention to that. Well this week I went to the amazing world of Walt Disney and I think I had more fun than baby cousin. Honestly, I think parents just bring their children to Disneyworld as an excuse to go themselves, I mean have you seen Downtown Disney. So to begin the many posts to come about disneyworld I have a preview of our Mascot Steamboat Willy at his favorite spots in Disneyworld.   More pictures to come in the future.  

The Secret LIFE of Walter Mitty (and Ashley)

So I might be a little late, when it comes to posting reviews on movies. Mostly because I don’t really have time to watch them, and because I just started this blog. A month or so ago I watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Truly an amazing movie. As I watched it I felt like I was watching a movie about myself. Not that I work at LIFE or live in New York City, or look like a middle aged Ben Stiller. But I love photography and the stories behind them, a good photograph is like a good gourmet chocolate. They have that melt in your mouth sensation when you see them, poster sized, and on a wall. A good picture always has that amazing story that tags along behind it, but knowing the story isn’t the important part. A picture has an accompanying emotion, each one does. Growing up with professional photographers for grandparents I have come to appreciate the feeling that comes with taking that perfect picture. It’ s the feeling you …