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Word Photos of the Week

This week I decided that I would pull my inspiration from the all encompassing Instagram, and my favorite photographers. Here’s how it’s all going to go down: WORD {Picture} Photographer (Instagram name) and additional info  [link] (all photos following the ones with the photographers Instagram name are also by them.) Please note that none of these photos contain teenagers posting about their favorite latte/food. RESPECT. MOTION CLUTTER TEXTURE HARD REFLECTION SOFT PORTRAIT BALANCE SERENITY NEGATIVE SPACE Ashley’s contribution: SOFT I honestly couldn’t tell if my word meant soft as in soft light, or take a picture of something that looks soft. Probably the first of the two, because that sounds more classy and photographer-y. But I went for both . . .  . . . cause I’m an overachiever (all day, every day).   . . . Until Next Week.