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When I went to the store . . .

  I would like to find the man who was in this picture and thank him . . . for scaring the cr*p out of me, when all I was trying to do was look for some good ice cream. I feel as though I walked down a dark alley way in an alternate universe where ice cream bars were illegal, and then this guy (probably named Frank) came around the corner and said “Hey Kid! wanna buy some ice cream?” No Frank, I dont wanna buy your creepy ice cream, I just wanna enjoy the crisp breeze that comes out of the grocery freezers without your eyes delving into my soul. “Some to the dark side, we have Moooo bars” (which is what they’re called by the way). Advertisements

You are not from the south

Immediately after my last post went up I remembered that I live in Virginia, and yes all though I live in Washington DC I do consider myself to be in Virginia. It’s almost like DC is to America, as the Vatican is to Italy. Any who, My friend was saying to me, while I was writing the post, “yeah I feel the same way, us southern girls just can’t handle those type of people” She’s from Virginia. This is where the problem begins. Maybe it’s because southern pride is drilled into children from elementary to middle school. I went through a whole history class about Texas where we watched multiple movies about the Alamo and Davy Crockett, and everyone knows his quote “You can go to hell-I’m going to Texas.” Knowing the people that cities are named after (Sam Houston, Stephen Austin), and when your school provides bottles of water because they don’t want you to pass out from dehydration. Her ‘south’ is completely different from mine. But this rubs me the wrong way. You …

I have officially lost my southern touch

This is a post for all of those southern gals living in the north. I was born in Texas, and though I didn’t stay there long, I kept a lot of my pride and all of the lessons that my parents and grandparents taught me. 1) Always say please and thank you, along with also saying hello and goodbye. It might seem weird to some that I am putting this on the list, but it’s very important to me. DONT SAY AIN’T, AND NEVER SAY YA’LL! 2) Open the doors for people behind you. It’s not just for men who want to pick up girls by looking like a gentleman, women and men of all ages should do this. (Maybe you can cut off after 5 people have come through, because after that it’s really just too much, and I have somewhere to be). also: *This is not the same rule you would use in ┬ácases of emergency such as a zombie apocalypse. If I we both happened to be running for our lives from …