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The Set Them Free Campaign

My photo essay started off as me jokingly taking pictures of bicycles that were chained up and neglected, to parallel the idea that you wouldn’t chain and neglect your pets, so why do it to your bikes? Well now I have made a series of posters to go along with that idea. Centered around the idea that bikes are like pets and need fresh air and maintenance. I present to you the SET THEM FREE campaign feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them. Just for fun I thought I would who you some extra posters that didn’t make the cut.   Advertisements

Biking DC: Set Them Free

 For too long the bikes of DC have been chained and forgotten, it’s time to set them free. It’s time to go for a joy ride. They miss you, take them out for a spin. Break the chains –> Bike DC Adams Morgan Dupont & Logan Circle SET THEM FREE The National Mall Logan’s Circle Adams Morgan  . . . Posters coming soon

A Photographers Retreat: The US Botanic Gardens

Yesterday my photographer friends and my non photographer friends (a.k.a. the willing photography subjects) decided to go to the Botanic Gardens. Why Not? It was a beautiful day, a bit hot, but clear skies as far as the eye can see. The US Botanic Gardens are located on the right side of the Capitol. Depending on which scenic route you prefer you can access it via the Navy Memorial Metro, the Smithsonian Metro, or the Capitol South Metro Station. I suggest starting outside before you go inside, or even bring a picnic and sit outside in the circle. Just watch out for the bugs. You might be a little bit too late, but the Botanic Gardens is having an Amber Wheats of Grain Exhibit, just outside of the front doors. Or Maybe you can just hang around the gazebo, or the beautiful bridges scattered throughout the gardens. The Rose Garden smells like an expensive perfume store, except my nose didn’t feel like it was about to explode when I left. But enough of the actual …

Thank You Steve

This is Steve Mccurry Steve who ha? Steve Mccurry, he’s one of the reasons I want to be a photojournalist. A Little bit of background: Steve started off born and raised in Pennsylvania, and later on he was even educated in Pennsylvania, Penn state. He didn’t just graduate, he came out of Penn state as Cum Laude of the College of Arts, true dedication. He’s written over a dozen books about his experiences as a photographer and has visited numerous countries around the world, although his favorites seem to be in south asia. Steve has worked for National Geographic for over 20 years, and has won a wide variety of awards including first place in the World Press Photo Contest . . . four times! Why I respect him: But to admire someone and respect him are two different things. I respect Steve Mccurry because of the hard work he puts into his photographs. Mccurry traveled to India with nothing but a backpack and his camera on him for several months when he crossed the …