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A Photographers Retreat: The US Botanic Gardens

Yesterday my photographer friends and my non photographer friends (a.k.a. the willing photography subjects) decided to go to the Botanic Gardens. Why Not? It was a beautiful day, a bit hot, but clear skies as far as the eye can see. The US Botanic Gardens are located on the right side of the Capitol. Depending on which scenic route you prefer you can access it via the Navy Memorial Metro, the Smithsonian Metro, or the Capitol South Metro Station. I suggest starting outside before you go inside, or even bring a picnic and sit outside in the circle. Just watch out for the bugs. You might be a little bit too late, but the Botanic Gardens is having an Amber Wheats of Grain Exhibit, just outside of the front doors. Or Maybe you can just hang around the gazebo, or the beautiful bridges scattered throughout the gardens. The Rose Garden smells like an expensive perfume store, except my nose didn’t feel like it was about to explode when I left. But enough of the actual …

When I went to the store . . .

  I would like to find the man who was in this picture and thank him . . . for scaring the cr*p out of me, when all I was trying to do was look for some good ice cream. I feel as though I walked down a dark alley way in an alternate universe where ice cream bars were illegal, and then this guy (probably named Frank) came around the corner and said “Hey Kid! wanna buy some ice cream?” No Frank, I dont wanna buy your creepy ice cream, I just wanna enjoy the crisp breeze that comes out of the grocery freezers without your eyes delving into my soul. “Some to the dark side, we have Moooo bars” (which is what they’re called by the way).