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The Set Them Free Campaign

My photo essay started off as me jokingly taking pictures of bicycles that were chained up and neglected, to parallel the idea that you wouldn’t chain and neglect your pets, so why do it to your bikes? Well now I have made a series of posters to go along with that idea. Centered around the idea that bikes are like pets and need fresh air and maintenance. I present to you the SET THEM FREE campaign feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them. Just for fun I thought I would who you some extra posters that didn’t make the cut.   Advertisements

Biking DC: Set Them Free

 For too long the bikes of DC have been chained and forgotten, it’s time to set them free. It’s time to go for a joy ride. They miss you, take them out for a spin. Break the chains –> Bike DC Adams Morgan Dupont & Logan Circle SET THEM FREE The National Mall Logan’s Circle Adams Morgan  . . . Posters coming soon

Photo Essay: Behind the Table

Dupont Circle has a local farmers market everyday from around 9am to 2pm. Where all of the DMV dairy farms, produce, chicken farms, and others get together to share the love of organic everything. Usually people like to focus on the food, because what else would you be thinking about at a farmers market?  But I think that more often the actual farmers are sort of looked over. We tend to forget how awesome they really are, and the fact that they love their job with a passion which they inadvertently pass onto their customers. (I know the pictures are a bit tiny but you can click on them to enlarge the size) So heres a look behind the table at the workers: Musical Accompaniment Venezuela/Peaches In a Pickle Cutting the Cheese (yes I went there, you only get so many opportunities) Scramble With a side of Shiitake In Bloom At the End of the Day Tomato face An Ear for Basil Sorry if it ever got a bit corn-y, I think I have a …

Po Boy’s for life

I want to go back to Willie’s Lobster Shack. Luckily I found out about the buy one get one free dal and devoured one shrimp po boy and one crab po boy. They used challah bread that was toasted to a crisp, THAT’S AMAZING! why didn’t I think of that? (probably because I’m not a cook. Thank you Willie for the delicious Po Boy’s. Ignore the fact that all of my school crap is in the background.

I have officially lost my southern touch

This is a post for all of those southern gals living in the north. I was born in Texas, and though I didn’t stay there long, I kept a lot of my pride and all of the lessons that my parents and grandparents taught me. 1) Always say please and thank you, along with also saying hello and goodbye. It might seem weird to some that I am putting this on the list, but it’s very important to me. DONT SAY AIN’T, AND NEVER SAY YA’LL! 2) Open the doors for people behind you. It’s not just for men who want to pick up girls by looking like a gentleman, women and men of all ages should do this. (Maybe you can cut off after 5 people have come through, because after that it’s really just too much, and I have somewhere to be). also: *This is not the same rule you would use in  cases of emergency such as a zombie apocalypse. If I we both happened to be running for our lives from …

Protest Frenzy

This week was a whirlwind of new adventures, I feel as if I am finally a true Wahingtonian, now that I’ve been to my first protests. How it started was oddly unexpected though. Many of the girls on my floor are latino or hispanic and they were all making posters in our lounge. I asked them what they were planning on doing, they told me they were going to a protest. Immediately I wanted to go, not initially interested in why, but simply to witness the process. They told me that I had to wear all black and that we would meet at the metro station. Sounded a bit shady but, hey, it was a protest after all. I had fun needless to say, and I fell in love with the cause. The protest was about Venezuela, and how the government is ignoring not only the basic and fundamental human rights but also its people. Several students who were protesting the government were a couple of days before we decided to protest. To show our …

My first week at my first DC job

My very first week at IPS (Institute for Policy Studies) was thrilling, I’m glad I work somewhere where my coworkers and bosses have a passion for making the world a better place, and where I can learn how to contribute as well. I work in the department for Development and Fundraising under Angelique Been, together we plan on expanding the company and helping it become more organized and well-known. My very first day on the job I got to sit in on a conference meeting where I got to listen to what the director felt we needed to be focusing on, and how we need to understand what the president is giving executive orders for. Afterwards I met the director of foreign policy and got an orientation of the floor from one of my coworkers. I also learned about the Split this Rock Festival, and I’ve become really passionate about it, at the festival there will be open mics , slam poetry and activism through panel discussions and more. I volunteered to help spread the …