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Currently Undergoing Renovation: Why?

Recently I’ve been having an exsistential crisis, so let’s pretend that I went on hiatus, but I really took time off to understand why I was even creating a blog. I asked myself some big questions: What am I doing here? (At college in DC, not the universe. Small steps.) What do I want to do? Where am I going with this? I know deep right? So I took a break from Worldly and Wiley. After switching Majors, and picking a Minor, and making a few everyday life changes, and a lot of procrastination . . . I’ve returned. BETTER STRONGER & COOLER LOOKING. like Iron Man The old blog was so vague, and didn’t have any direction, I almost feel sorry for those of you who had to put up with how juvenile it was. Well, heres to a new beginning. More consistent posts, that are better in content, and more photographs (that will be more professional and have better resolution, if I can convince my grandpa to give me his old camera). So …

Photo Essay: Behind the Table

Dupont Circle has a local farmers market everyday from around 9am to 2pm. Where all of the DMV dairy farms, produce, chicken farms, and others get together to share the love of organic everything. Usually people like to focus on the food, because what else would you be thinking about at a farmers market?  But I think that more often the actual farmers are sort of looked over. We tend to forget how awesome they really are, and the fact that they love their job with a passion which they inadvertently pass onto their customers. (I know the pictures are a bit tiny but you can click on them to enlarge the size) So heres a look behind the table at the workers: Musical Accompaniment Venezuela/Peaches In a Pickle Cutting the Cheese (yes I went there, you only get so many opportunities) Scramble With a side of Shiitake In Bloom At the End of the Day Tomato face An Ear for Basil Sorry if it ever got a bit corn-y, I think I have a …

Word Photos of the Week

This week I decided that I would pull my inspiration from the all encompassing Instagram, and my favorite photographers. Here’s how it’s all going to go down: WORD {Picture} Photographer (Instagram name) and additional info  [link] (all photos following the ones with the photographers Instagram name are also by them.) Please note that none of these photos contain teenagers posting about their favorite latte/food. RESPECT. MOTION CLUTTER TEXTURE HARD REFLECTION SOFT PORTRAIT BALANCE SERENITY NEGATIVE SPACE Ashley’s contribution: SOFT I honestly couldn’t tell if my word meant soft as in soft light, or take a picture of something that looks soft. Probably the first of the two, because that sounds more classy and photographer-y. But I went for both . . .  . . . cause I’m an overachiever (all day, every day).   . . . Until Next Week.

When I went to the store . . .

  I would like to find the man who was in this picture and thank him . . . for scaring the cr*p out of me, when all I was trying to do was look for some good ice cream. I feel as though I walked down a dark alley way in an alternate universe where ice cream bars were illegal, and then this guy (probably named Frank) came around the corner and said “Hey Kid! wanna buy some ice cream?” No Frank, I dont wanna buy your creepy ice cream, I just wanna enjoy the crisp breeze that comes out of the grocery freezers without your eyes delving into my soul. “Some to the dark side, we have Moooo bars” (which is what they’re called by the way).