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I am an intern at IPS, and these are my daily journals and also topics that I want to share from IPS.

My first week at my first DC job

My very first week at IPS (Institute for Policy Studies) was thrilling, I’m glad I work somewhere where my coworkers and bosses have a passion for making the world a better place, and where I can learn how to contribute as well. I work in the department for Development and Fundraising under Angelique Been, together we plan on expanding the company and helping it become more organized and well-known. My very first day on the job I got to sit in on a conference meeting where I got to listen to what the director felt we needed to be focusing on, and how we need to understand what the president is giving executive orders for. Afterwards I met the director of foreign policy and got an orientation of the floor from one of my coworkers. I also learned about the Split this Rock Festival, and I’ve become really passionate about it, at the festival there will be open mics , slam poetry and activism through panel discussions and more. I volunteered to help spread the …