Author: Ashley Tejeda

Currently Undergoing Renovation: Why?

Recently I’ve been having an exsistential crisis, so let’s pretend that I went on hiatus, but I really took time off to understand why I was even creating a blog. I asked myself some big questions: What am I doing here? (At college in DC, not the universe. Small steps.) What do I want to do? Where am I going with this? I know deep right? So I took a break from Worldly and Wiley. After switching Majors, and picking a Minor, and making a few everyday life changes, and a lot of procrastination . . . I’ve returned. BETTER STRONGER & COOLER LOOKING. like Iron Man The old blog was so vague, and didn’t have any direction, I almost feel sorry for those of you who had to put up with how juvenile it was. Well, heres to a new beginning. More consistent posts, that are better in content, and more photographs (that will be more professional and have better resolution, if I can convince my grandpa to give me his old camera). So …

New Year Old Tunes: Frankie Valli

New Year means new music . . . usually. Disclaimer:  If at any point you think to yourself ‘who is this uncultured child that only now discovered Franki Valli and Frank Sinatra?’ Let me explain that I have known who these people are since I was able to fake tap dance at the age of 8 to the finale on the movie Annie. So excuse you sir/maam for assuming I didn’t know. This year our top scientists have noticed a backtrack in the style of music*. From mixtures of rap and 20’s to remixes of our favorite songs into 50’s and 20’s sultry jazz, and even a flat-out rebirth of the classics, as proven in the #2 album on the hottest albums list:   * at no point were scientists actually asked to review the confusing system which is popular music* You could say it all started with the Great Gatsby, and that it’s been gradually rising. But I would like to believe that oldies really came back in style with a bang when Jersey …

The Set Them Free Campaign

My photo essay started off as me jokingly taking pictures of bicycles that were chained up and neglected, to parallel the idea that you wouldn’t chain and neglect your pets, so why do it to your bikes? Well now I have made a series of posters to go along with that idea. Centered around the idea that bikes are like pets and need fresh air and maintenance. I present to you the SET THEM FREE campaign feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them. Just for fun I thought I would who you some extra posters that didn’t make the cut.  

Biking DC: Set Them Free

 For too long the bikes of DC have been chained and forgotten, it’s time to set them free. It’s time to go for a joy ride. They miss you, take them out for a spin. Break the chains –> Bike DC Adams Morgan Dupont & Logan Circle SET THEM FREE The National Mall Logan’s Circle Adams Morgan  . . . Posters coming soon

American Paintings, by American Artists, in the American Art Museum

Look at this lovely photograph, isn’t it gorgeous. I wonder what camera that photographer was using? It looks so clear.     Lies! All Lies! Look closely, that’s no photograph. It’s a painting in disguise. Most would think, well of course I would be fooled online, but if I were there in person I would obviously be able to tell. Wrong again, careless reader. Usually you cant tell until your two feet away from the painting itself. At which point it’s too late . . . you already love it. Richard Estes has a created an evil plot to fool us all into thinking that he takes pictures instead of makes paintings. Its like buying a chocolate chip cookie and then slowly realizing that those chocolate chips are actually raisins. Pure Evil. Good thing I like raisins almost as much as I like chocolate, because I love these paintings Richard Estes is renowned for his realist paintings. Many of his paintings are rendered from photographs he takes while he goes traveling. Quite ironic, that a …

A Website To Oooh and Ahhh Over

  Have you ever wondered where people go to get there dream ideas turned into real life products? Me too, at least until a while ago when I found this awesome, and beautifully designed website. A monkey could navigate this page with ease assuming that the monkey had a product he wished to develop. All of their pictures have a beautiful font overlay, and are also interactive. For example: This portion of the website lets you scroll over various pictures that show the process of developing a product at the pointless corp. When you scroll over the picture shows a caption and/or the person in the picture and what they do at Pointless corp. But what does Pointless Corp. do, I don’t understand? I still don’t understand can you go into detail? I’m sorry did you still have questions? I really like the use of the colors that also represent their logo, the faded red and the brown bear colored letters, as well as the green and blue used throughout the page. It’s actually quite soothing. …

Cafe Terrace

Cafe Terrace ~A short film~ A really short film (like 3 minutes,  I swear) “I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction”- Albert Einstein A movie inspired by the Van Gogh painting “Cafe Terrace” Edited by Max Marcotte Produced and Directed by Ashley Tejeda and Marissa Lefebvre   Check out what people are saying about the movie: “It’s truly amazing, like nothing I’ve ever seen before“- says No One in Particular “Hey, get out of the road“- Angry Driver (with a really nice car) “Ohhhh Ya’ll filmin’ a movie !“- Random Passer By “Did you have permission to film there“- Concerned Friend

Why Heineken should win an Emmy

Have you ever seen any of the Heineken commercials? More specifically have you ever seen “The Entrance” A commercial so truly awesome that it has it’s own poster, as though it were a movie. In a way it is a short film, action packed and over the top, but still well angled and choreographed. It has everything an award winning movie would have. Amazing Framing Superb Angle’s Angle & Framing Colors Shots (not the alcoholic kind) The director also has a lot of continuous scenes in the commercial, these are my favorite types of scenes. For example take the movie Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly) a lot of the scenes, instead of cutting to a new angle of a character, simply glide from one room to the next, with each room showing a different character and a new conversation. If you don’t watch Jane Austen movies, because that’s simply not your cup of tea, heres another example: Kill Bill in the final scenes where Uma Thurman goes after Lucy Liu in the …