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Currently Undergoing Renovation: Why?

Recently I’ve been having an exsistential crisis, so let’s pretend that I went on hiatus, but I really took time off to understand why I was even creating a blog. I asked myself some big questions:

What am I doing here? (At college in DC, not the universe. Small steps.)

What do I want to do?

Where am I going with this?

I know deep right? So I took a break from Worldly and Wiley. After switching Majors, and picking a Minor, and making a few everyday life changes, and a lot of procrastination . . . I’ve returned.


like Iron Man

The old blog was so vague, and didn’t have any direction, I almost feel sorry for those of you who had to put up with how juvenile it was. Well, heres to a new beginning. More consistent posts, that are better in content, and more photographs (that will be more professional and have better resolution, if I can convince my grandpa to give me his old camera).

So what is all of this?

Worldly & Wiley’s new sole purpose is to present the Triumvirate to the people.

[trahy-uhm-ver-it, -vuh-reyt]

Origin: 1580s, from Latin triumviratus, from triumvir.

1. Roman History: the office or magistracy of a triumvir.
2. A coalition of three magistrates or rulers for joint administration.
3. Any group or set of three.

Can you use it in a sentence (paragraph) ?

Triumvirate: In the whole of Ashley’s 19 years on this earth, she has felt that there are three subjects that rule her everyday thoughts, actions, and passions. Travel has played a quintessential part in Ashley’s upbringing, as a child she has moved more times than she can count, and plans on continuing to do so until she is wrinkly and senile. Entertainment: music, books and movies, were her tools of escape. Food, is how Ashley expresses herself and is one of the main things that occupies her thoughts. Travel, Food, and Entertainment are the triumvirate of Ashley’s trek through everyday life. These are the things that make her Ashley.

What can I expect from here on out?

Expect more weekly posts:

#shelfiesundays: where I take a picture of a shelf and post it on sundays. Pretty self explanatory, these shelves will usually show some of my favorite books, or favorite areas and bookstores to find books.

Wednesday Walks ( I really like alliteration): Every Wednesday, I take my international friend from New Zealand through DC, and we take pictures and explore DC’s backyard. Usually places that are overlooked by tourists and Washingtonians alike. A breath of fresh air is often needed in a crowded city, and a leisurley stroll is easier than most Washingtonians complain it to be.

Weekly Quotes: Also self explanatory

So you want to be a foodie?: Someone needs to show you noobs how its done, what are the key essentials to being a foodie? How do I keep up? Where can I find the underground foodie playgrounds, and keep up to date with food trends? How do I make that? All these answers and more will be answered in this biweekly post.

Other examples of posts in the making, which will be more of a biweekly entry:

Yelp! Mythbuster Adventures: Have you ever wondered while reading Yelp ‘does this place actually suck, or do you suck at eating food?’ because I know I have. You see, some people are just mean and picky, or don’t have as wide of a taste range as you. Not everyone is a calamari addict, in the immortal words of my little brother “Why do we have to eat this fancy foodie stuff, when all I want is a General Tsao’s?” So for the good of the people, I will forgo the Yelp comments and visit the ‘worst’ restaurants in town to see if its MYTH or TRUTH.

Vintage DC: I recently received a pamphlet guide (laminated for only the most extreme of adventurers) that maps out all of the historic stores in DC, from record stores, to vintage clothing shops. I am willing to go broke in order to show you the best of the best in DC. Once again for the good of the people.

The Month in Movies and Music: I watch A LOT  of movies, I also listen to a C**P ton of music each and every day. I mean, how else am I supposed to wind down after a long day of Chemistry and Sociology? So at the end of every month I will post a wrap up of the movies and music that I have encountered over the past three weeks.

Fake Netflix Categories: I previously mentioned that I watch A LOT of movies and TV shows, yet I have no TV. How is this possible? Netflix, HBO to go, Amazon, Hulu, Bootlegs.  Because I watch so many differing movies, Netflix seems to get confused as to what category is my favorite, so here are my suggestions for Netflix on what obscure categories they could make for the adventurous movie watcher.

Wow That’s a lot of new material!

Yes it is, so please don’t expect it all right away. I am still putting finishing touches on the blog and revamping some of my old categories. But, I promise I won’t let you down again. No more hiatuses. Enjoy.



New Year Old Tunes: Frankie Valli


New Year means new music . . . usually.

Disclaimer:  If at any point you think to yourself ‘who is this uncultured child that only now discovered Franki Valli and Frank Sinatra?’ Let me explain that I have known who these people are since I was able to fake tap dance at the age of 8 to the finale on the movie Annie. So excuse you sir/maam for assuming I didn’t know.

This year our top scientists have noticed a backtrack in the style of music*. From mixtures of rap and 20’s to remixes of our favorite songs into 50’s and 20’s sultry jazz, and even a flat-out rebirth of the classics, as proven in the #2 album on the hottest albums list:


I’m Not In Love track #6


* at no point were scientists actually asked to review the confusing system which is popular music*


Sherry Baby!

You could say it all started with the Great Gatsby, and that it’s been gradually rising. But I would like to believe that oldies really came back in style with a bang when Jersey Boys came out.

Jersey Boys was a musical long before it was a movie, and before that it was an actual band: The Four Seasons.


The Four Seasons


*please disregard this if you already know who they are, I’m writing this post mainly towards the generations of Kesha and One Direction listeners. If you already now most of these artists then sit back and enjoy the praise*

Franki Valli and the Four Seasons in my opinion were are one of the greats. The movie is just there to prove it, people these days don’t seem to understand the struggle people had to go through to become famous in the old days. Now all you need to do is be rich and crazy, have a secret (but for some reason) public obsession, or even just be really good at doing makeup on youtube.

But what Franki Valli went through with his best friends to keep his family afloat is inspirational. However the movie isn’t just about the struggle it’s about the music, Franki’s voice is truly amazing, and I think only John Lloyd Young has been able to reciprocate the same feeling from me.

I mean just look at this adorable schmuck

I mean just look at this adorable schmuck

But most of all I suppose I would have to thank Clint Eastwood for inserting actual Four Seasons recordings into the movie and the album. Sometimes people need a reminder that these were actual people, and that this isn’t just a movie, but history.


Clint and his boys

I mean come on: Can’t take my eyes off of you, Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry*, Walk Like a Man, and my personal favorite My Eyes Adored You. To make music that crosses over generations and is still adored by people of all ages, is a feat within itself.

*not the Fergie song.

With the rising popularity of oldies music this generation can finally understand how awesome real music is. Unlike most people of my generation, I have an old soul (brought to you by my jazz and 80’s loving parents and grandparents), while I do love the music of the now, I appreciate Gershwin and Etta James a bit more. So I will attempt to guide the new generation (a.k.a the street youths , or those hoodlums that hang around the park by my house) into the past with these next few posts, and those who are already on the wagon can just enjoy the references to their favorite artists and songs.

The Set Them Free Campaign

My photo essay started off as me jokingly taking pictures of bicycles that were chained up and neglected, to parallel the idea that you wouldn’t chain and neglect your pets, so why do it to your bikes?

Well now I have made a series of posters to go along with that idea. Centered around the idea that bikes are like pets and need fresh air and maintenance.

I present to you the SET THEM FREE campaign

adoptedfeel free to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

lockdown1 Lockedup#1 setthemfree2 WABA2

Just for fun I thought I would who you some extra posters that didn’t make the cut.

setthemfree3 health3 health2 health(original) bikedc3 bikedc2


Biking DC: Set Them Free

 For too long the bikes of DC have been chained and forgotten, it’s time to set them free. It’s time to go for a joy ride. They miss you, take them out for a spin.

Break the chains –> Bike DC

Adams MorganIMG_0707 IMG_0715 IMG_0723 IMG_0726 IMG_0734 IMG_0778 IMG_0784 IMG_0789 IMG_0792 IMG_0795

Dupont & Logan Circle
IMG_0804 IMG_0820 IMG_0837 IMG_0841 IMG_0851


The National Mall
IMG_0948 IMG_0944 IMG_0933 IMG_0932 IMG_0930


Logan’s CircleIMG_0832 IMG_0823 IMG_0822 IMG_0810

Adams MorganIMG_0728 IMG_0747

 . . . Posters coming soon

American Paintings, by American Artists, in the American Art Museum

Look at this lovely photograph, isn’t it gorgeous. I wonder what camera that photographer was using? It looks so clear.


Tower Bridge, London (1989)

Tower Bridge, London (1989)


Lies! All Lies! Look closely, that’s no photograph. It’s a painting in disguise. Most would think, well of course I would be fooled online, but if I were there in person I would obviously be able to tell.

Wrong again, careless reader. Usually you cant tell until your two feet away from the painting itself. At which point it’s too late . . . you already love it.

Richard Estes has a created an evil plot to fool us all into thinking that he takes pictures instead of makes paintings. Its like buying a chocolate chip cookie and then slowly realizing that those chocolate chips are actually raisins. Pure Evil.

Good thing I like raisins almost as much as I like chocolate, because I love these paintings

Richard Estes is renowned for his realist paintings. Many of his paintings are rendered from photographs he takes while he goes traveling. Quite ironic, that a painting of a photograph is mistaken for a photograph.



Antarctica (2007)



However, realism is only the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) for Richards paintings, not only do his paintings make us feel like were looking out of a window, but his perception and composition are Da Vinci-esque.


Although Estes has a variety of pictures paintings, from all over the world he is most known most for his American city-scapes. My favorite picture is called Times Square.



Times Square (2007)



What’s more American than food and commercialism New York City’s infamous superhero movie hot-spot: Times Square.

Rhetorical Question, but if you were to ask me personally I would say a bald eagle eating a twinkie.

Times Square has a beautiful viewpoint, where most people would want us to look head on at Times Square Richard (she calls the artist by his first name as though they were besties) bounces the reflections off of a shop window and only dedicates a third of the canvas to the actual street. So in a way we get somewhat of a 180 view of Times Square the scene in front of us, and the scene to the left of us as viewed through the reflection in the window.

Richard also uses his primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) to his advantage in the painting, classic painting 101 lessons. If he were to use only dark and similar colors it wouldn’t look nearly as stylish.

Fun Fact: Richard Este’s makes sure that his paintings aren’t too serious, in every cityscape painting the infamous painter has hidden his name amongst the ads and signs. With over forty Estes pictures in the exhibit at the American Art Museum, Where’s Waldo enthusiasts will find a whole new meaning to “needle in a haystack” (out of the six paintings I searched through, I only found his name in three).

A Website To Oooh and Ahhh Over


click the bear to get to the website.


Have you ever wondered where people go to get there dream ideas turned into real life products?

Me too, at least until a while ago when I found this awesome, and beautifully designed website.

Personally I think that all websites, that are organizations or companies should be designed in this layout. But if that were to happen then this wouldn't be as unique.

Personally I think that all websites, that are organizations or companies should be designed in this layout. But if that were to happen then this wouldn’t be as unique.

A monkey could navigate this page with ease assuming that the monkey had a product he wished to develop.

All of their pictures have a beautiful font overlay, and are also interactive. For example:

I want, to know who there photographer is.

I want, to know who there photographer is.

This portion of the website lets you scroll over various pictures that show the process of developing a product at the pointless corp. When you scroll over the picture shows a caption and/or the person in the picture and what they do at Pointless corp.

But what does Pointless Corp. do, I don’t understand?

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.00.20 PM

Well here you go.

I still don’t understand can you go into detail?

of course we can!

of course we can!

I’m sorry did you still have questions?

Here's a bit more.

Here’s a bit more.

I really like the use of the colors that also represent their logo, the faded red and the brown bear colored letters, as well as the green and blue used throughout the page. It’s actually quite soothing. In fact other than the actual photographs and the icons used to depict the products, their whole page consists of these three colors. The use of these three main colors makes the website look clean and mature, or I suppose in their case, very buisness oriented.

I mean just look at the colors in these cute interactive pictures.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.59.48 PM

Also answering the question of . . . but what types of projects and products?

Overall Pointless Corp. (although not a real Corporation) has a seamless and simple website that is beautifully colored and easily navigable. Their web designer must be rolling in money.


and I mean look at this little guy isn’t he adorable?

Word Photo of the Week


~the last word photo of the week . . . ever ~


the hundreds of copies of National Geographic magazines collected over the years. Located in the National Geographic Museum.

the hundreds of copies of National Geographic magazines collected over the years. Located in the National Geographic Museum.

Here’s a little extra I gathered last week:

Before finishing our short movie Cafe Terrace.

Before finishing our short movie Cafe Terrace.


After finishing our short movie Cafe Terrace.

After finishing our short movie Cafe Terrace.

Special thanks to Marissa . . . no acting was involved in the taking of these pictures.

Cafe Terrace

Cafe Terrace

~A short film~

A really short film (like 3 minutes,  I swear)

“I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction”- Albert Einstein

A movie inspired by the Van Gogh painting “Cafe Terrace”


Edited by Max Marcotte

Produced and Directed by Ashley Tejeda and Marissa Lefebvre

 Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.09.48 PM

Check out what people are saying about the movie:

It’s truly amazing, like nothing I’ve ever seen before“- says No One in Particular

Hey, get out of the road“- Angry Driver (with a really nice car)

Ohhhh Ya’ll filmin’ a movie !“- Random Passer By

Did you have permission to film there“- Concerned Friend

Why Heineken should win an Emmy

Have you ever seen any of the Heineken commercials?

More specifically have you ever seen “The Entrance”

A commercial so truly awesome that it has it’s own poster, as though it were a movie.

click this picture to watch the commercial.

click this picture to watch the commercial.

In a way it is a short film, action packed and over the top, but still well angled and choreographed. It has everything an award winning movie would have.

Amazing Framing


Here we see our main character. Framed by light and color.

Superb Angle’s


Watch “The Making of the Entrance” and they will show you that they stole techniques used in kung fu movies. Such as the close frame of the hands, so that the actions are more intensified.

Angle & Framing


In this last scene, our main character finally gets his Heineken, the scene is intensified by framing with light, and setting the character a part from the rest by putting him in a white tuxedo. We them zoom out to show the whole party.



The use of colors in this commercial is repeated in many of the other Heineken commercials. We always see a bright green representing the heineken brand. The main character is alway wearing a more vibrant color than the rest of his companions, usually a shade of blue (in this case it’s a navy blue).

Shots (not the alcoholic kind)

Although there is a lot going on in the commercial, the technque that the director uses to keep the audiences focus on the main character is that he makes the camera follow closely behind or to the side of him.

Although there is a lot going on in the commercial, the technque that the director uses to keep the audiences focus on the main character is that he makes the camera follow closely behind or to the side of him. Almost as if we were walking with him through the shots.

The director also has a lot of continuous scenes in the commercial, these are my favorite types of scenes. For example take the movie Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly) a lot of the scenes, instead of cutting to a new angle of a character, simply glide from one room to the next, with each room showing a different character and a new conversation. If you don’t watch Jane Austen movies, because that’s simply not your cup of tea, heres another example: Kill Bill in the final scenes where Uma Thurman goes after Lucy Liu in the restaurant, this is also a continuous shot.

so suave.

so suave.

As you may have noticed either by looking at the pictures or at the link to the video, the main actor doesn’t even get the Heineken until the very end of the commercial. Why is that? becuse unlike Bud Light or Corona  other name brand beers, Heineken focuses more on the fact that you don’t have to binge drink your way through an eight pack to be the life of the party. Check out  a few of their other commercials


once again, another awesome commercial poster.

this commercial also includes all of the same awesome techniques as the first.

this commercial also includes all of the same awesome techniques as the first.

most of them depict people who are experiencing an awesome night, and happen to be drinking Heineken towards the end. Heineken is one of the few alcohol ads where you see the character drinking not because its spring break and everyone is also happily drinking, not because theres a famous british actor sitting in a dimly lit room telling you that if you drink you will look just as awesome, nor because ‘Merica. Heineken goes more a long the lines of ‘Hey, your having an awesome night, how bout a light drink?’

2361-Verantwoord Drinken-Heineken Commercial

check out this Heineken ad about drinking moderately. Where the main characters friends have a crappy night because they get sh*t-faced, and the main character gets to go back stage and meet a hot chick because he drank moderately.




Watch this other ad, where Heineken does an experiment of the amount of drinks a person has when they’re having fun apposed to when they’re not. Answer: you drink less when your having fun.

And for that Heineken, I give you a pat on the back. And an honorary imaginary Emmy.



Word Photo of the Week #9


To me this is serenity. A cool space and a pretty overall color, outside where the light is awesome.

To me this is serenity. A cool space and a pretty overall color, outside where the light is awesome.