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Currently Undergoing Renovation: Why?

Recently I’ve been having an exsistential crisis, so let’s pretend that I went on hiatus, but I really took time off to understand why I was even creating a blog. I asked myself some big questions:

What am I doing here? (At college in DC, not the universe. Small steps.)

What do I want to do?

Where am I going with this?

I know deep right? So I took a break from Worldly and Wiley. After switching Majors, and picking a Minor, and making a few everyday life changes, and a lot of procrastination . . . I’ve returned.


like Iron Man

The old blog was so vague, and didn’t have any direction, I almost feel sorry for those of you who had to put up with how juvenile it was. Well, heres to a new beginning. More consistent posts, that are better in content, and more photographs (that will be more professional and have better resolution, if I can convince my grandpa to give me his old camera).

So what is all of this?

Worldly & Wiley’s new sole purpose is to present the Triumvirate to the people.

[trahy-uhm-ver-it, -vuh-reyt]

Origin: 1580s, from Latin triumviratus, from triumvir.

1. Roman History: the office or magistracy of a triumvir.
2. A coalition of three magistrates or rulers for joint administration.
3. Any group or set of three.

Can you use it in a sentence (paragraph) ?

Triumvirate: In the whole of Ashley’s 19 years on this earth, she has felt that there are three subjects that rule her everyday thoughts, actions, and passions. Travel has played a quintessential part in Ashley’s upbringing, as a child she has moved more times than she can count, and plans on continuing to do so until she is wrinkly and senile. Entertainment: music, books and movies, were her tools of escape. Food, is how Ashley expresses herself and is one of the main things that occupies her thoughts. Travel, Food, and Entertainment are the triumvirate of Ashley’s trek through everyday life. These are the things that make her Ashley.

What can I expect from here on out?

Expect more weekly posts:

#shelfiesundays: where I take a picture of a shelf and post it on sundays. Pretty self explanatory, these shelves will usually show some of my favorite books, or favorite areas and bookstores to find books.

Wednesday Walks ( I really like alliteration): Every Wednesday, I take my international friend from New Zealand through DC, and we take pictures and explore DC’s backyard. Usually places that are overlooked by tourists and Washingtonians alike. A breath of fresh air is often needed in a crowded city, and a leisurley stroll is easier than most Washingtonians complain it to be.

Weekly Quotes: Also self explanatory

So you want to be a foodie?: Someone needs to show you noobs how its done, what are the key essentials to being a foodie? How do I keep up? Where can I find the underground foodie playgrounds, and keep up to date with food trends? How do I make that? All these answers and more will be answered in this biweekly post.

Other examples of posts in the making, which will be more of a biweekly entry:

Yelp! Mythbuster Adventures: Have you ever wondered while reading Yelp ‘does this place actually suck, or do you suck at eating food?’ because I know I have. You see, some people are just mean and picky, or don’t have as wide of a taste range as you. Not everyone is a calamari addict, in the immortal words of my little brother “Why do we have to eat this fancy foodie stuff, when all I want is a General Tsao’s?” So for the good of the people, I will forgo the Yelp comments and visit the ‘worst’ restaurants in town to see if its MYTH or TRUTH.

Vintage DC: I recently received a pamphlet guide (laminated for only the most extreme of adventurers) that maps out all of the historic stores in DC, from record stores, to vintage clothing shops. I am willing to go broke in order to show you the best of the best in DC. Once again for the good of the people.

The Month in Movies and Music: I watch A LOT  of movies, I also listen to a C**P ton of music each and every day. I mean, how else am I supposed to wind down after a long day of Chemistry and Sociology? So at the end of every month I will post a wrap up of the movies and music that I have encountered over the past three weeks.

Fake Netflix Categories: I previously mentioned that I watch A LOT of movies and TV shows, yet I have no TV. How is this possible? Netflix, HBO to go, Amazon, Hulu, Bootlegs.  Because I watch so many differing movies, Netflix seems to get confused as to what category is my favorite, so here are my suggestions for Netflix on what obscure categories they could make for the adventurous movie watcher.

Wow That’s a lot of new material!

Yes it is, so please don’t expect it all right away. I am still putting finishing touches on the blog and revamping some of my old categories. But, I promise I won’t let you down again. No more hiatuses. Enjoy.


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sobramesa: (noun) the time spent around the table, talking to the people you shared your meal with. A time to digest and savor the food and friendship. This is all you need to know about me.

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  1. Janell Nelson says

    i am so proud to call you my grand daughterl!!!
    You and found your passion. Keep the writing up so I can have a great smile and laugh about the “yelp” followers

    Love you,


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