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New Year Old Tunes: Frankie Valli


New Year means new music . . . usually.

Disclaimer:  If at any point you think to yourself ‘who is this uncultured child that only now discovered Franki Valli and Frank Sinatra?’ Let me explain that I have known who these people are since I was able to fake tap dance at the age of 8 to the finale on the movie Annie. So excuse you sir/maam for assuming I didn’t know.

This year our top scientists have noticed a backtrack in the style of music*. From mixtures of rap and 20’s to remixes of our favorite songs into 50’s and 20’s sultry jazz, and even a flat-out rebirth of the classics, as proven in the #2 album on the hottest albums list:


I’m Not In Love track #6


* at no point were scientists actually asked to review the confusing system which is popular music*


Sherry Baby!

You could say it all started with the Great Gatsby, and that it’s been gradually rising. But I would like to believe that oldies really came back in style with a bang when Jersey Boys came out.

Jersey Boys was a musical long before it was a movie, and before that it was an actual band: The Four Seasons.


The Four Seasons


*please disregard this if you already know who they are, I’m writing this post mainly towards the generations of Kesha and One Direction listeners. If you already now most of these artists then sit back and enjoy the praise*

Franki Valli and the Four Seasons in my opinion were are one of the greats. The movie is just there to prove it, people these days don’t seem to understand the struggle people had to go through to become famous in the old days. Now all you need to do is be rich and crazy, have a secret (but for some reason) public obsession, or even just be really good at doing makeup on youtube.

But what Franki Valli went through with his best friends to keep his family afloat is inspirational. However the movie isn’t just about the struggle it’s about the music, Franki’s voice is truly amazing, and I think only John Lloyd Young has been able to reciprocate the same feeling from me.

I mean just look at this adorable schmuck

I mean just look at this adorable schmuck

But most of all I suppose I would have to thank Clint Eastwood for inserting actual Four Seasons recordings into the movie and the album. Sometimes people need a reminder that these were actual people, and that this isn’t just a movie, but history.


Clint and his boys

I mean come on: Can’t take my eyes off of you, Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry*, Walk Like a Man, and my personal favorite My Eyes Adored You. To make music that crosses over generations and is still adored by people of all ages, is a feat within itself.

*not the Fergie song.

With the rising popularity of oldies music this generation can finally understand how awesome real music is. Unlike most people of my generation, I have an old soul (brought to you by my jazz and 80’s loving parents and grandparents), while I do love the music of the now, I appreciate Gershwin and Etta James a bit more. So I will attempt to guide the new generation (a.k.a the street youths , or those hoodlums that hang around the park by my house) into the past with these next few posts, and those who are already on the wagon can just enjoy the references to their favorite artists and songs.


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