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The Secret LIFE of Walter Mitty (and Ashley)

So I might be a little late, when it comes to posting reviews on movies. Mostly because I don’t really have time to watch them, and because I just started this blog. A month or so ago I watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Truly an amazing movie. As I watched it I felt like I was watching a movie about myself. Not that I work at LIFE or live in New York City, or look like a middle aged Ben Stiller. But I love photography and the stories behind them, a good photograph is like a good gourmet chocolate. They have that melt in your mouth sensation when you see them, poster sized, and on a wall. A good picture always has that amazing story that tags along behind it, but knowing the story isn’t the important part. A picture has an accompanying emotion, each one does. Growing up with professional photographers for grandparents I have come to appreciate the feeling that comes with taking that perfect picture. It’ s the feeling you get when your listening to an orchestra ascend up a scale and then dramatically end, leaving that sound of ringing silence in the rafters of the room. That is how I feel when I take pictures, whether its on my phone, or on my camera.

In the movie Walter Mitty has lost a picture taken by a famous photographer for the last edition of the LIFE magazine, and he goes around the world searching for the photographer. All his life he’s dreamed of doing something adventurous, always daydreaming, never getting the chance to actually do anything interesting.

Although my life wasn’t as boring as Walter’s (thank goodness), I did have the same problem. I have been daydreaming like Walter Mitty ever since I was old enough to read. I had books on Ancient Egypt, and Vikings, and the many Discovery Kids and National Geographic magazines at my daily disposal. I always knew that I wanted to travel, going into college I dutifully registered myself into the school of International Studies without even really knowing what I wanted to do specifically. Just knowing that if it had the word international in it, then it was right down my alley. A brightly colored brick alley, with street art covering the walls, and food venders lined up against one side, if you were wondering.


Before I saw this movie I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an international photo-journalist. After watching the movie, I was completley sure that this was what I wanted needed to be. All of my favorite hobbies in three words, and it’s a job! your kidding me.

e29ebed6f270a223e03ca2da110f06ce Also the movie has an amazing soundtrack, I order everyone to listen to a couple of the incredibly indie rock songs from this soundtrack. It will do you good, and then go see the movie if you haven’t already.


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